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 Welcome new recruits

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Welcome new recruits Empty
PostSubject: Welcome new recruits   Welcome new recruits Icon_minitimeThu Mar 29, 2012 12:29 am

This forum is for new Recruits, Members, Officers, and Leaders of 501st Legion of Battlestar Galactica Online. Unless you were referred here by a member of this Wing, your application to be a member of this forum will likely be denied.

Otherwise, welcome to our forum and we hope you find it useful and we hope you will enjoy being with us, both in game and on the board.

Please use your ingame name (shortened names are fine as long as its a clear tie into your game name (IE: Ninja used in short for ThaRealNinja)) from the game when you register on the forum. Your alt names should be known to the leaders but do not create additional IDs for your alts, use only your main char name. IP addresses are tracked and any additional accounts created will be deleted based on IPs unless PRE-AUTHORIZED by the admin or leaders. Please submit your additional account requests via PM to the admin or to one of the leaders and wait for approval before creating additional accounts.

Members, you will be assigned Recruit automatically when you register. If you are a full member, officer, or leader in game, please be patient and you will get assigned to the appropriate level on the forum. This process must be done manually.
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Welcome new recruits
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