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 A MSG From The Founder.

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A MSG From The Founder. Empty
PostSubject: A MSG From The Founder.   A MSG From The Founder. Icon_minitimeTue Feb 05, 2013 1:16 pm

hello everyone

let me be one of the first people, to welcome you to our wing.

501st legion is one of the oldest and most well respect wing across Aerilon , ( and soon aquaria )

i my self was once a low ranking member with in the wing

( when i started playing )

yes thats right contrarily, to popular belief, i was not always the founder & leader of the 501st

our first original group was started up in feb 2011 , called..

( the501st )

the wing started up under Ravensdagger.. ( r.i.p old friend )

when, it was later forged into the 501st Legion

read the wing history post for more detailed history of the wing..

your 501st brothers & sisters / leadership are always here to help you.

we are only a wing chat msg away.. / teampseak ( cry for help)

know that your not alone, and will always have help.

the road to awesomeness is not achieved in no small amount of time..

we all where, new players once upon a time ....

with that said good luck to you and welcome again to our wing



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A MSG From The Founder.
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