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 Resource & mining guide .

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Resource & mining guide . Empty
PostSubject: Resource & mining guide .   Resource & mining guide . Icon_minitimeTue Feb 05, 2013 5:06 pm

In this post ill go over how to make cubits and other valuable resources.

both by shooting small asteroids , planettoids, and farming npcs , salvage. and dailies / assignments

some amount of cubits can be made off platforms, but no where near what you use to get..

now to list how to make cubits

once you get past level 10 or 20.

and complete your dailies / assignments

each assignment you complete & turn in will earn you 450 cubits per assignment

totaling out to be 6k cubits or 6, 000 cubits a day . if not more

thats another way to make cubits....

here are some other steps

1.cubits can be made from farming high level npcs ( killing them )

nif , is the best location for this as there are a ton of npc in that system with quick respawn times.

2. cubits can also be found in salvage boxes located in any system but pay out is randomized.

water sells for 1/5 of its worth in cubits

say I have 5k water in my hold

5, 000 water

5k water sells for 1k cubits ( 1, 000 )

5, 000 water sells for 1, 000 in cubits.

50k water = 10k cubits

3. cubits ( water ) can be found in both planet toids , asteroids but its advise to mostly shoot the small asteroids.


tyl as its most commonly called can be made by any number of these methods


farming ( killing ) platforms is the quickest way to obtain a large volume of this resource

1. platforms farming


the best location being for lower levels is muspell , 276, 227

for higher levels with line ships I advise , to go to nif.

other steps are

1. npc farming , selling the loot & gear made off , of killing them
2. shooting asteroids & planting mining ships on a planet toid
( systems listed below in the mining section)

3. salvage

now for the final resource titanium

otherwise known as tit.

titanium is obtained by using the same steps as the other two resources list above.

titanium is used to repair your ship and nothing else.

mining section

before we get started , id like us to go over sector control.

sector control is a bonus applied to the side with the most outposts on the map

for cylons its mostly +5% during the day & sometimes +10% during the night

* sector control varies threw out the day & week *

when ever your out mining or babysitting a mining ship you just called in on a nice big water toid .

the sector control bonus will give an additional % of what ever resource your mining.

for both small asteroids and mining ships.

I do advise you to take advantage of the bonus especially when it hits 10%, 15% & 20%

if your online and see we have a high percentage for sector control bonus

throw on the mining gear & get to mining ....

now lets talk about mining cannons

mining cannons do 2x the normal damage when shooting asteroids

and 1 / 2 normal damage when fighting npcs and pvp ( players)

I do not advise you to use mining cannons in combat they are only good for mining ...

advantage to use mining cannons - more resource income ( using mining cannons will yeild more resource than just using normal cannons)

disadvantages - increase power consumption, more drain on your power per shot ..

and combat damage done is reduced when fighting with mining cannons. ..

and now lets go over the scanners used to scan asteroids

first is the normal asteroid mineral scanner

it uses normal power to scan asteroids of all types & costs nothing but power to use.

and has a longer range to scan asteroids with but can only scan one asteroid at a time.

strike scanner range - max range 2 k away
escort scanner range - 3 k away
line scanner range - 4k away

next is the experimental scanner

the experimental scanner can be purchased for 6 k cubits ( 6, 000 ) cubits for any ship

now lets go over how it works

the experimental scanner uses power packs to scan , all asteroids around your ship within a certain range of your ship

I.e 300 meters away, all around your strike ship . all asteroids with in range of your ship will be scanned at the same time

( pretty cool right ? )

best used when in a large tightly packed area of asteroids such as the asteroids found in tannhouser.

escort experimental scanner range is about 500 meters

line ship is about 700-800 meters

power packs cost depending on which ship you use .

strike -10 cubits per power pack
escort- 20 cubits per power pack
line - 30 cubits per power pack

ships I suggest using the experimental scanner in ..

strike & escort

the line will cost you more in cubits to use & dose not make you as much or pay for it self depending on the system you do your mining in..

how ever if your heart is set on using it for your line ..

I suggest the northern systems like (227, cali, hatir , delta a ) for the line experimental scanner users.

I have never went off resourcing in my line as I find it to expensive, and dose not pay for it self over time

normal scanner is still great to use for a line however.

now locations to shoot small asteroids in , here is the list
best mining ship my advice is the escort class . a lich

with that ship and a experimental scanner these systems have a high yeild resource rate.

also good for strike miners

Southern section of the map

1. tannhouser
2. alpha ext
3. 84
4. 74

middle section

1. muninn

2. 276

3. 51 bon

and finally the northern section

*please note *

northern middle section systems will yeild the highest resource out of any asteroids in the game

but they are the most spread out of all the systems

but here is the list ,

1. hatir ( best northern system)
2. delta a
3. cali
4. 227
5. nif

all these systems have an abundance, of all resources depending on how many players are in system with you also mining...

tactics to use while mining. .

lesson 1 , try and refarme from using a line or escort ship while mining

reasons being

a line ship is easily sighted from up to over 10k away and further ( meaning we can see you no matter where on the map you are )

this makes you a pretty noticeable target for pvp . especially while runing mining gear ..

escorts are simi ok to use while mining, but again we can spot you up to 5k away if not further. ..

strikes are small and almost unnoticed while your mining in them ...

if you wish to be a unseen and unnoticed miner then strike is your best choice

how ever escorts are the true mining ships of the game and are also good to use

use a mix of the two ..

mine in hatir in your strike , when your broke and cant afford power packs for the escort.

use the escort when you can afford to, and wish for a higher resource yeild ..

tactics used while mining

tactics used to get a npc off you while mining

lets say im mining up in hatir in my strike & a noc line or escort jumps from nowhere and starts shooting at me .

rather than attacking it , risk being killed.

find the closets platform and fly above it or below , off to the side of it with out it shooting at you .

and wait for the npc to follow you , it will then attack the platform in its path instead of you.

congrats you just threw off your attacker. .

please note this tactic dose not work with drones , dones are platforms allies and wont shoot at each other ...

1. always watch your 6 , o clock (behind you)

while your mining with mining gear , especially mining cannons , your weaker than you would normally be and pvp knows this ..

check your sectors and your 6 , always keep a watchful eye on things

here is korhals ancient Chinese secrets , learn, adapt and evolve into a better killing machine / pilot .

hope this post helps you in your quest to greatness


your founder

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Resource & mining guide .
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