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 fast way to complete your dailies & assignments.

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fast way to complete your dailies & assignments.  Empty
PostSubject: fast way to complete your dailies & assignments.    fast way to complete your dailies & assignments.  Icon_minitimeTue Feb 05, 2013 8:00 pm

below is a quick guide on how to complete your dailies / assignments.

first , for you new players

assignments are daily tasks assigned to you to complete for a little exta experience points and resources

assignments are handed out by number 2 found in the rec room of the basestar at

242 apolloid

( note there are 2 basestars in the game )

1 , is at 242
2. is at 47 tartalon

242 is the only location to pick up dailies / assignments at .

basestar at 47 tartalon , you cannot dock with just the planet in that system to buy ships at. before recent updates

(now you can buy ships at any location)

I cannot name the countless , people, and mins gone by , I watched new players flying around the basestar in 47 tartalon

sitting there trying to dock with the basestar located there

( its hilarious seeing them get frustrated )

but I do eventually tell them they can only dock with the planet located in that system .

ok back to the assignments / dailies

first things first, the server resets everyday at 7pm est ( 7pm server time )

this means you can pick up a new set of dailies after that time if you already completed your last set of assignments.

and now a review of your dailies & assignments you receive each day.

below is the list of your daily assignments / dailies you receive.

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fast way to complete your dailies & assignments.
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