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 History Of the Wing

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PostSubject: History Of the Wing    History Of the Wing  Icon_minitimeMon Jan 28, 2013 12:14 pm

History Of the Wing  Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSeZvVL8XhXq5JKcEW-yrgQN4tLDqcioVea7nZkw2UiZfq1MkC2Rw

History Of the Wing  Bothbanners_zpsb38bafb1

Aerilon home of the 501st Legion

History Of the Wing  Aerilonflag1

( warning this is a long read , the wings true history )

time to pull up a chair & listen to an ancient story as old as aerilon & time it self.

grab a refill , and a cigarette ( if you are a smoker / beer ) and listen

to the old god and king of aerilon for his time.


History Of the Wing  Sig_zps57100f33

this is a written account by korhal, founder of the 501st legion

the wing was founded back in Feb, on the second day of the Aerilon Server.



and co-founded by me ( korhal )

both i and raven came from a game called

star wars galaxies

History Of the Wing  256px-Star_Wars_Galaxies_Box_Art

( server tempest )

the501st wing had been a imperial guild on that game & server ever since it was started up.
raven was its founder a master sith & bounty Hunter , and i our master ship crafter & trader.

( i miss my decimator & tie intercepter, spent countless hours completing the steps to get it only to see the game die..)

( decimator , Empire faction - 7 man crew ship - multiple gun turret ship this would be what we now call a carrier in Bsgo .. )

History Of the Wing  VT-49_Decimator

History Of the Wing  ScreenShot0111

History Of the Wing  Vt49

( tie interceptor )

History Of the Wing  Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRaMEgwz450ERCZdmxUvF5p9RGrswp2yBP6GGXQbb9fEPZoHKKF

History Of the Wing  Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSuoHsKVxLM0IuBJ57Soi2hsxlxq6G7qcUAJ84IvTVa1zfPKeHJRg

I was as I am now , a devoted space fighter & recruiter / trainer.

many have been forged by the 501st & many more will be again.

some of those players are listed below

aone (leader of cylonelites & cylon elites academy)

tincandeath ( leader of rogue maverick )

and famous players known as

zerosignal,guto,fevike, bonecrusher, Staten_island ( before he joined the colonial s & became freeport)

and many more , now forgotten over time.

shortly after hearing the news... galaxies was being shut down i began exploring new games to play on.

seeing the ad for BSGO's Beta testing

on a site ( which name escapes my chain of thought )

both i and raven starting investigating possible new locations, for the guild

we started playing on scorpia server for 2 days..

upon noticing Aerilons beta testing, announcement.

we then moved operations to there, where it has been the wings home ever since

the wing is as it has been since beta , a organization devoted to training new players

against the colonial scum. & see a end to colonial or cylon domination on what ever server we are on.

Shortly after April, back in 2011

Ravendagger, sadly had to leave the game due to Issues in Real Life.

Command of the501st was then passed down the ladder to me.

I have lead the wing to glorious victory. And forged new players into cylon Legends for the Aerilon server.

In the links below and pictures of the original Wing thread, found on the BSGO Forums.

*The501st wing Thread*

*ravens changes to the wing*

even when raven was playing, back in those days, I was Busy organizing outpost rolls both with the wing & cylon fleet
and Training our new folks ,ending up having a real talent for it too & as i slowly climbed my way up the 501st ranks.

I was promoted to the official activities director, and Ravens second in command of the501st.

and still continued to do what i do best for the next 6-7 months of the server.

about a month after raven, said his good bye's & promoted, Me leader of the501st.

( sadly raven forgot to promote me in the wings roster, and set the changes for me to properly run and organize the wing )

the 501st legion then teamed up with the 2 other cylon super wings at the time .

those wings are

lafamilia & NBD

during this time , the 501st had reached the height of its power & player activity.

the501st wing became the 1st largest & most organized cylon wing, on the server and set the bar for the rest of the cylon wings.
we also managed to create 2 sub branches of the 501st wing.

the501st highest population reached just over 500 players.

( commander wali was elected to run the remaining player in revans wing )

501st legion had just got up and running the wing hit 120 members

( jp121 would become its leader later on , the same player who taught fevike)

and the last branch traid_501st_legion had 63 members.

during this time the only colonial wings posing a slight threat , when they decided to work together.

following wings most well known to the cylons

redwing ( largest colonial wing 120-200 members)

7th colonial ( 70 - 90 members)

the 501st wing had become a empire within it self.

back to the triad ......

History Of the Wing  Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRMw5DdHcwDtClZOTp3y9MRx9Vg2J_MvQi5GSdwljzR78WZwfIdcQ

as I said the triad was formed by these 3 super wings , as a means to unite the cylons under one banner.

501st provided the muscle behind the triad since our wing was the largest & most organized.

( example we where the first group to start tagging our ship names with the 501st tag in our ships names )

this was before your wing tag was developed , and what u see in game now a days.

leadership was shared between the founders of the triad.

no one cylon was in charge.

no one among the colonials could stand against the might & iron fist of the triad..

aerilon was ours!!!

2 of the founding triad wings declared war on the 7th ...

( there war thread can be found on the forums and in the 7th's wing thread )

501st stayed out of the war & didn't feel the reasons for the war where legitimate enough to join in .

we still continued to give support when ever needed.

6 months passed before infighting and back stabbing finally took its tole.

the triad fell apart & died out the 8th month of the server or so ...

501st decided to go our own way shortly after that..

few months past ...

korhal received deployment orders to ship out for iraq around October 2011.

during this time , korhal elected wali & jp121 to keep the wing going and lead the remaining

501st legion , all other sub groups had merged with the legion or died out completely by this time

our time of glory & empire had come and gone with the wind.

wali left a few months after korhal and was left jp121 in charge.

jp managed to keep the wing going on a another yr .

we where a small group of 20 -30 players at that time, that had once had hundreds. ..

korhal makes his return. ..

I managed to finish my year tour overseas in time to help revive the old wing.

and keep her going another few more months

at this point we had expanded the wing to both on .

aquaria , kobol servers

( before I left and after the triad fell apart , I played on aquaria when it went live and kobol )

I was the first line ship colonial player on aquaria and 2 for kobol ...

the wing kept treading along under my leadership until news of another deployment was mailed to me one Monday morning.

leadership was once again passed down the chain of command to

fevike leader for aerilon

and ghost_13 for aquaria

( 8 months ago from this threads date )

( 3 months ago , from today korhal returns this time for good )

upon my return from being over seas this time from, Afghanistan.

I had learned under the 2 leaders watch the wing had finally died out completely. .

the remaining 501st , made there own wings or left the game ...

( i still notice , players still wearing the 501st tag on there ships... even after the fall of the wing)

this first week i was back

i ran solo for awhile .. wingless

as i flew around and retraced old footsteps

( enjoying the long peace & quite i rarely got to enjoy while being a leader and teacher )

i decided to join a wing, i had know since they arrived to aerilon long ago...

that wing was


they are one of the best organized wings i have come to call brothers.

and still hold my respect, i teamed up with them for a few weeks , becoming one of there officers and lending aid to there forces...

( thoughts of starting the 501st up again, still lingered with in my mind it would be born again but when ? )

it was at this time

players from a wing , called 501st resurrection approached me

( this wing has no ties with the old wing )

members of this wing approached me

and ask if i was willing to start up the old wing again, since the leader of that wing rarely plays & isn't doing anything with the wing.

i agreed to lead the wing part time

as a promise to a old friend & brother

I have come back to jump start the 501st legion & rebuild the old girl to her former glory!!!

my military service now behind me & 6 yr service serverd

im due to be out in march this year 2013 ..

and look foreword to rebuilding the wing together with the help of the officers behind me.

this is korhal & this story is both that of my self and the wing that was passed down and founded by me.

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History Of the Wing
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